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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

Great advice from everyone.

I'm going to wear my now 15 month old 24lb ds forever!! Well maybe not but as long as he will let me.

I love a RS for short periods. Quick up and downs for fussy or active toddlers. Not really the best at this age for long carriers.

I would go with a Ergo, MT or a Wrap.
Much more supportive and comfy with a 2 shoulder carry with a toddler for long periods.

I have all the above and use all of them everyday. Each one has their place and purpose.

Wraps are soooo comfy and verstile and can take you all the way through. I love German weaves the best.

Mt's are great 2 shoulder carriers. Love Sachi, Doodlebug, BH and Kozy just to name a few. You can tie them in different ways for added comfort. Like a Tibetan which gives you no straps around your waist.

My Ergo is HEAVEN. So quick and fool proof. Just toss ds on and we are off. So supportive and comfy. Love love LOVE!

1 year is soooooo not too late. Get in the game girl!
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