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my daughter JUST had croup a few weeks ago at 16 months. it is a big difference from 6 months, but we did nothing and it went away on its own. we took her to the doc just to be sure that it was croup- which it was. how is your son acting during the day? is he breathing okay? my dd was acting fine during the day (just acting "sick" clingy- nursing more, etc.) and she had a fever, so we just gave her tylenol and motrin as needed to help with the fever/pain. the cough lasted for about 4 days. she was breathing fine throughout and would have coughing fits when she got upset, cried, etc. but mostly it was through the night. she got more sleep than me.. but once she woke up she was fine. have you tried a cool mist humidifier? that seemed to help too..
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