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Re: Prayers for my baby Joey

Originally Posted by Keropisunshine23 View Post
thinking of you mama...

Two things
1. Have you tried dark beer for increasing your supply? Most people think they can not have alcohol while nursing so don't try it and supposedly it works wonders.

2. have you tried chiropractic care for the reflux? We took Sofiya to the chiropractor and it severely cut the amount of spit-up and reflux she was experiencing.

Please pm me if you need someone to talk to or have questions about either of my suggestions
Thanks you so much-our LC suggested a chiropractor-I was a little leary because at that time my mom just went to one and her back was so messed up after her appt. I may still try though. I haven't heard of the beer-I haven't had a drink in who knows how long, so which type would be a dark beer?
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