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Re: Prayers for my baby Joey

Originally Posted by dragondance View Post
Have you tried cutting out things from your diet/his formula? Dd1 was a bit like that (but entirely on formula--yikes) and she is allergic to dairy.
i'm an elimination diet, not a super strict one, but I know hat foods seem to irritate him the most. I've been doing that since he was 3 weeks old. We have treid several formulas when we had to supp and it was just awful! He just gets so sick and becomes even more fussy and miserable-the one that we have been using now is a prescription and he doing better on it then what he was before. So that's a good start. I worry with the formula because with my other ds he had a really hard time on it-and almost years later he is still suffering from it gastro wise. So with this baby I was determined to stay away from it (I had medical issues with ds#1 that my milk dried up) and then everything with the reflux happend. The one thing the ped and gastro dr agree is keep going with breast if I can-now if that was easier said than done! We are moving soon and where we are moving too, I found a LC that is only $35 an hour, where here it's $85! So I am hoping I can meet up with her and maybe by some miracle this little stinker will latch! It's just somethings so simple that should come more natually but it is wearing me out! I guess I get so bummed cause with both my babies we have had so many issues-ds#1 had such a rough first year health wise and dh was deployed through it all. I just want them to feel well and be happy little babies! Well now that I guess I just vented about a few other things! Thanks so much!
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