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Re: Prayers for my baby Joey

Originally Posted by blessedmama2 View Post
Thanks you so much-our LC suggested a chiropractor-I was a little leary because at that time my mom just went to one and her back was so messed up after her appt. I may still try though. I haven't heard of the beer-I haven't had a drink in who knows how long, so which type would be a dark beer?
I think all beer works, i just read dark beers work better. i have not tried this myself, but have read about it and have heard LC's recommend it to increase supplies. the alcohol in your milk is the same as in your system, so i recommend sipping on one during a nursing session and by the time you have to pump or nurse again, you blood level should be returned to normal. (there are test strips you can buy if you feel uncomfortable judging your bal)

as for the chiropractor, i was always skeptical, however when my ds had a constant cold and chronic ear infections, he had two rounds of antibiotics, he would be better for a week and then it would start all over again. i did not want to give him anymore antibiotics, so i took him the the chiropractor, after the first session, the one ear was clean, after the second session, both were clear. He was also the one to suggest a milk allergy not our doctor. we took him off milk, no more cold, no more ear infection. my son honestly had a "cold for three months". It was cold and flu season, so we went with it, however, his cold started when we stopped bf (due to lack of milk while pregnant) and started cows milk.....

We took dd when she was about three months old because she had terrible reflux and only pooped once a week. she was scream for 24-36 hours before pooping. After two visits, she started pooping everyday, no more screaming and the reflux now only occurs when she overeats. amazing difference......

I agree with pp, it could also be a milk allergy, although if he is taking the bm just fine, it make be a reaction to something else in the formula. neither of my boys could handle all the iron in formulas and would spit up half the bottle

good luck and i do hope for his sake and yours, you get this figured out.
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