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Re: What we wish you knew about pregnancy loss

Originally Posted by HippieMama74 View Post
Thanks Jen for posting that. I have so many emotions right now. The not knowing and yet being pretty sure my baby is gone all at the same time. Having to be here to support my dd during her pregnancy is goin to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It's hard enough to see other people around you who's pregnancy sticks when your doesn't. Since my dd and I were only about 4 weeks apart I will be living with a daily reminder of the baby I lost. Watching her through different stages of her pregnancy knowing I should be right there with her in my own pregnancy. I pray that she has no complications and has a beautiful healthy baby as an outcome, as for me I'm sure I won't be so lucky. I'm so sorry to vent, I just needed to get that out somewhere and no one here seems to understand my pain. It's odd that I am feeling all this pain and have felt so alone all day then I come here and find this post. Ok now I'm crawling back under my rock to cry.
You're welcome Rachael....We're here for you mama. I can relate with watching friends/family members going through what you yourself should be too. I'm the admin on another board where myself and another mama both got pg w/in a week of eachother... well I lost mine and she's just about to hit 20 weeks and have her big u/s. I don't visit there that much anymore b/c it's too painful. That and my day care kiddo's mom is due 2 weeks before I was. I see her every day and she's really starting to show... feel her baby move... and just had her big u/s this week. It's not the same with living with it, but sucks all the same. Huge hugs mama. I'm so terribly sorry, but am holding on to that tiny glimmer of hope. I'm praying for that tiny bean to make it.
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