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Re: What We Wish You Knew About Infertility

Originally Posted by CalebsMome View Post

And PS: I wish that I was able to adequately explain that just because I have a child or children already, doesn't make the desire for more children go away, just like the desire for more children doesn't go away from someone who does not struggle with infertility. Secondary infertility adds in all these feelings, plus the feelings of the child you do have asking for a sibling and worrying about them being socially "normal" as an only child. You also worry that God is keeping you from having more children because you aren't a good mom to the one you have. That's the one that will rip your heart in two and runs through primary infertility and secondary infertility, the thought that you can't get pregnant because God doesn't want you to have a baby. That goes to your very core.
Thank you for your articulate post! We have been down this same road. Now people automatically ASSume that because we managed to get pregnant (with help mind you) that my fertility issues are "fixed" and no help is needed now that we are TTC again. I wish I could print this out and make everyone who ever looks at me sideways when I tell them the only way for me to achieve a pregnancy is with help.
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