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Re: What We Wish You Knew About Infertility

Originally Posted by kt~mommy View Post
this is exactly why i haven't breathed a word of anything to anyone IRL and have no intention of doing so. i don't want sympathy, makes me feel worse.
We actually waited 18 months to tell our parents, and we had already started tests and some treatment. Then, just short of 2 years, we told our siblings. We felt that by those times, we needed our families to be aware of what we were dealing with and we also needed their prayers.

What I did not expect is complete lack of compassion and sensitivity from my brother and his wife. They claim they understand and they have 4 children...all completely planned and when they wanted them. We have had heated arguments about whether they understand. They don't, and they continue to insist that they do. SIL even explained to me that since she can imagine what it would be like not to have her children, then that is enough for her to state that she understands what we are dealing with. Um...imagining something and walking through something is completely different. I can imagine what it would be like to walk over coals barefoot, but until I actually live that, I will never understand what that would be like, and the pain that is involved. It is very frustrating. DH's siblings, on the other hand, have been wonderful. They are sensitive and careful with their words.
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