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Re: cooking and freezing ground beef/food storage bags

I do this all the time as well. You can leave a little of the grease in to help combat dryness, but I haven't really noticed a problem (usually using in something saucy). Really great on those days when I need to throw something together and don't have a lot of time.

I typically freeze in plastic storage bags, but want to move away from that. Another alternative to buying a bunch of storage containers is to line the ones you have with foil, put the meat in, freeze and then remove the foil-wrapped meat from the container. Then you still have the container available for use. This works great for meals also. When it comes time to cook, just unwrap, put the frozen food in the dish that you originally used to freeze it in, and either thaw or cook according to the recipe instructions. Best to use square or rectangular containers to maximize your freezer space.

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