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Re: What We Wish You Knew About Infertility

My husband and I didn't tell any of our family our issues. We just kept saying "We don't know if we will have kids" and they took it to mean "we were choosing to not have kids". Our families chat so anything we told one side the other would hear, so we just left it at that and let them all 'assume'. After much testing and trying we finally saved up enough cash for IVF since this was our best hope. That is when we decided to tell everyone. My MIL broke down and couldn't understand us not talking to her about it. Like I want to explain everything over and over and over, having them talking about it all the time, behind our backs, suggesting other options: "So and so adopted from this place", etc. We did not rule out adoption and still may at a future date but we didn't want them trying to help and only make things worse.

Anyway, thanks for posting. I felt so much of that during our 5 year struggle... you really sum'd it up.
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