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Re: What We Wish You Knew About Infertility

Your post is so dead on to my feelings!
I have PCOS. I tried for 2 mos shy of 4 years with 2 losses to get my daughter, a clomid baby.
I am an only child because of PCOS mom has it to.
You are so right about wanting another child being so strong, my dd asks often for a sibling even at age 6 almost 7!
I have often wondered why i have been blessed with many pregnancies but not carried any but one to term. It is very hard and emotional to want a child so bad.
I hate when people say but you have a child. Yes i do and I am very blessed with that child. I want her to be blessed with a sibling that she do dearly wants. And I would love to welcome another child into my life.
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