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Re: Sounds like it's time to vote... bfps in the ttc forum?

What about ATTS/JTC members post their BFPs in ATTS/JTC instead of a seperate thread?? I will admit I voted no BFPs not because I'm a jealous witch but because SO MANY LADIES post BFPs that were never even TTC. It doesn't just happen once in awhile, it seems like weekly! I don't get offended by seeing BFPs at all, I enjoy them, but I don't like the fact that people instantly think to post in TTC when then should be posting in Pregnancy. People who've never TTC wouldn't know the heartache associated with this. This is the first time I can remember mods getting involved and ppl voting on this, but this arguement has been going on for years! I know that when I joined ATTS a yr ago that it was an issue then. Maybe if we just keep BFPs in the ATTS or JTC threads it would save a lot of hurt feelings??
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