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Re: Sounds like it's time to vote... bfps in the ttc forum?

Originally Posted by jennym91005 View Post
i think all BFP should be able to be posted here. i mean, look at it this way, if you are TTC for a looooong time and have been posting here, then finally get your BFP, wouldnt you want to shout it from the roof tops? if no BFP are allowed or only select BFP, wouldnt that be depressing
Maybe I'm totally cofused here? Even though it looks like the vast majority are saying yes, if no won, would you not be allowed to post pics in ATTS or JTC? My understanding was that this was to vote on whether or not you should post a seperate thread with BFP/HPT pics in TTC.

I think ATTS is where you would go if you want everyone you've been TTC with to see your BFP. Otherwise if you're not part of ATTS or JTC, but still TTC, link people to your post at the BFP Gallery, like I suggested on the other thread.

I personally don't mind it, really, it's part of life. But I have succeeded at this journey in the past (not really succeeding now) and I can't only imagine how hard it is for mamas who haven't succeeded or had a loss, to see someone who wasn't even trying to post a BFP in the TTC forum. It just creates a lot of hurt feelings which could be avoided. I don't think it's about being cliquey or expecting/hoping everyone fails at TTC because you have. I don't know. I guess this is more confusing than I thought.
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