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Re: Sounds like it's time to vote... bfps in the ttc forum?

I think that posting BFPs are needed to be in the TTC forums.....we are all grown women and we all can choose not to open a BFP thread if we want to. I think that it does stink that we see the threads where the couple was not trying but are blessed with a BFP, and we have a choice to open the thread or not.

How about we never see anyones struggle either, you can't post your pics in your siggy, not little preggy smiley with a countdown, no EDD, because you may offend someone who is ridiculous it that?


Keep the BFPs here until the one who posted the thread ask for it to be moved, it is her thread, and if she wants to be sensitive to other TTCers she will ask the mods to move the thread
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