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I just started bringing my 3.5 m/o to a community daycare center where I volunteer 3 hrs/week. She's w/ me in a sling most of the time, but spends a little time in a Bumbo where the other workers fawn over her (and of course, touch her )
We're new to the paci & I'm wondering how to sanitize it when it falls onto the floor. I'd have to leave the room to get to a sink. Anything I can make/buy that'd do the job on-the-spot, while allowing me to put it back in her mouth?
And (don't laugh) what about sanitizing baby herself? I wiped her down w/ a cloth wipe (the solution has a scant amt. of baby wash and TTO), but am wondering if there's anything I can use to de-germ her hands before we leave. She's always sticking her hands into her mouth & of course, everyone feels the need to touch said hands.
I changed her clothes when we got home, but giving her a bath right away isn't always an option if I've got multiple other kids around.
Between ODD's 3d/week at preschool (though they wash the kids hands a lot, which really cuts down on colds) and this daycare stint, I'm wanting to do all I can to de-germ them. I sanitize my hands every time I touch the kids, but what about them??
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