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Re: Sanitizing...Baby?

I cannot help but laugh. Sanitize the baby? Oh you have me rolling, it just sounds funny.

As for the paci thing, I would bring extras and get a clip if you're worried. That's your best bet. Nothing you "sanitize" the nipple with will be safer than the germs it picked up on the floor. Chemicals vs. germs, I guess you be the judge?

On the hands thing....a wet washcloth can do an ample job, honestly. You don't need harsh chemicals/alcohol/TTO for a tiny baby. I use Wet Ones on my toddlers hands now on the go...but I much prefer good ol' soap and water.

I think, at the end of the day, germs are actually good for your baby. They build the immune system nice and strong for years and years of germies.
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