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Re: SAHMs: How much are you repsonsible for??

I do all of the inside the house duties. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, main caretaker of the kids I do the books and errands for my husbands company. I babysit one little guy who's 16 months 2-4 days a week and I have a prosperous business that keeps me fairly busy. On the upside my oldest is in school full time, my middle goes 2 or 3 full days a week depending on the week and I have the luxury of taking my daycare child with me anywhere I need to go so i am never tied down at home. I also take the kids to TaeKwon Do and do most of the swimming lessons and soccer when in session.

DH does all of the outside the house duties, any household repairs, works, fixes my van when/if needed. Oh and he has a job outside the house that keeps him busy upto 60 hours a week.

In the summer I will help with yardwork if I feel like it but am never expected to. I love cutting the grass though so I try to do it whenever I can, which isn't often ...I NEVER do outside work in the winter. DH even sweeps the snow off my car and shovels a path to and around it in the mornings after snowfall and he makes sure the drive stays plowed even if it means he has to do it before going to work in the morning.

We both pay the bills....just depends who gets to it first. I do the grocery shopping/meal planning and cooking, but we both go to Costco together.....He's not allowed to set foot in Costco alone. If he does he comes home with Dog Food, Corndogs, Chicken wings, Garlic Coil and a brick of cheese. Spends $300 and then wonders why I can't cook supper for the next two weeks.

When he gets home from work he is the main caretaker for the older kids. He does most of the bedtime routine. We never planned it this way it's just sort of how it works for us.

I still manage to find time to sit and do nothing, play on the computer, knit, craft for me, etc... I am a crazy planner so I organize our days to flow a certain way and maximize the use of our time so that we do get free time.
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