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I feel like a slave to my pump!!!

I am not an exclusive pumper, but do try to do it once a day to keep up my supply and make sure there will be something for LO if daddy and I get to go out. I have been breastfeeding/pumping for almost 4 years now, with two 7 month breaks(pregnancy). My LO is 5 months old and I am sick of it! I enjoy BF, But I loathe pumping. In fact I haven't done it in like a week!!! I know my supply is lessening because of it, I don't leak like I was and am not as uncomfortable in the morning when I wake up. Now I'm thinking I've made a mistake, I should continue pumping. Is it too late or will my supply fatten back up if I committ to it? Has anyone else or does anyone else have this same situation? I just feel like a slave to it, I just have to sit for 20 mins and do nothing but hold these goofy things up. Inspire me please.
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