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Re: Fall List F-J

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dh was laid off months ago & i have had a lot of medical issues / expenses. thankfully we were accepted into the food stamps program as of 11/30 so we no longer need grocery gift cards but still need toilet paper, infant tylenol, toothpaste, etc. we could use gift cards to stores like target or walgreens. will be needing size L diapers, anything extra absorbent that is functional. DD [/B] needs *thick* socks that aren't slippery on the bottom.


for me--wooden or bamboo straight knitting needles; pretty yarn--even scraps!--wool and natural fibers; felt scraps; pattern for making play food; knitting pure & simple patterns; postage stamps for submitting writing to literary magazines. loose black tea. natural bubble bath or bath oil or salts; anything lightly fragranced and without parabens or sodium laurel sulfate etc.

for dd--soft headbands or hair clips for a (nearly) 1-year-old with somewhat wispy hair, waldorf doll, playsilks, clothes to the fit 12-inch corolle doll she was given; little beetle trainers in size medium as she is showing some interest in PLing

for dh--men's dress shoes in size 8, coffee beans (not flavored), a mandoline (for the kitchen--he has started doing most of the cooking and would like this and a couple other kitchen items for christmas but i can't buy them for him)

for birds--small- and medium-sized parrot toys. just throwing this out in case anybody has birds with unloved toys! can even be barely used from healthy birds; i can wash them!

thank you so much mommyof8 for the size l diapers!!!!!
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