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Re: What we wish you knew about pregnancy loss

I am new to diaperswappers. I have to say I am so glad to see this posted. I bawled all the way through reading it. I lost my angel baby on June 4th of this year. The day before I had to attend my SIL's wedding. We had just told everyone we were expecting so it was awful having to return congratulations with news of our loss. I just remember not wanting to be there at all and feeling so numb and shocked yet constantly on the verge of tears. It was the most awful thing I've had to go through. Even worse were the well wishers just finding out I was pregnant and having to tell them the updated, heartbreaking news when they would come up to congratulate me... It was horrible. I think my heart broke every time I had to utter the words. Having had 3 perfect, and textbook pregnancies, a miscarriage was something I thought I would never have to worry about when we started our adventure towards baby #4. It really goes to show, no one is immune. It does somewhat take the joy out of anticipation of a BFP though. I think there is always going to be that apprehensive breath being held through the next bfp till birth now...

I have to say that my hubby is the most awesome. He cried with me as his heart broke too. He takes care of me when all I can do is sit and blubber. When we got back home from the wedding (looooong flight), he had 99% of the reminders put away out of my sight before I even walked in the door. From the pregnancy yoga workout dvd to the accumulation of baby odds and ends... It was so helpful to not have to be confronted with all that the minute I walked through the door. I think the absolute hardest ones to tell were the kids. They still ask me where the baby is and if the baby died and other assorted questions.
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