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Re: only getting 3oz!!!!!

I don't know your entire situation, but I am ready to call shenagians on failure to thrive. What is the doc basing that on? If you are nursing AND getting extra, whats the issue? As long as your milk monster isn't falling off his growth curve...

I'm a huge fan of pumping while I nurse. If you can spare the other side once or twice a day you can get quite a bit. Plus if you do it a few days in a row, your body will catch the message.

If there really is a problem and you need donor milk, check out milkshare, it's in my siggy.

I have HORRIBLE supply issues when I am at work. My body has wizened up to the fact there are no babies to feed at work. Talk to an LC, if you qualify WIC has them. Mine are amazing.

Do you cosleep? You may want to consider it if you are comfortable. I have heard night eating is very productive. Once you get the hang of it you can literally do it in your sleep. We have our crib sidecarred and I just scoot over nurse, and scoot back when he's done.

Maybe take a few days and just nurse and drink soup. Having babies on b00bs is the only way to really increase your supply! Good luck mama! Talk to an LC even if it's just your LLL leader on the phone. They are very good at calming fears!
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