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Re: What To look for in a baby carrier

Thanks for making this sticky! Since I haven't seen the info here yet on the child's position, let me link to Didymos with info on babies' anatomy.

Any carrier should support the child's entire back with the weight evenly distributed, not just centered on crotch/bottom. In Mei tais and structured carriers, look especially at the width of the crotch piece. It should be wide enough to distribute weight along the length of baby's thighs and not just cover the bottom. This may mean your child will outgrow a carrier.

The ideal position is a straddled seat, with child's legs angled up and turned out at hips. The natural curve of an infant's spine is rounded, only later developing the S-curve of adults. Carriers should support this rounded-back position and not force baby into a hollow-back position. Ideally, the knees should be higher than the bottom, forming an "M" position, to make sure the back stays round.

Generally, if you think your carrier is tied too loose, it probably is. Baby should be nice and snug to make sure the spine is well-supported.
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