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Re: friday daffodil chat!

Good morning everyone! Hope you all are doing well and have a nice weekend ahead of you. I have no idea what to cook for dinner. Yep I'm thinking about that at 7 am loool. Tryin sorry I forgot to post about having to drop off your dd and be sick. I don't know what I would do. But if your sick your sick. And your dd has to go to school it would make me feel akward as all get out though. Well everything is ok here. Dh dropped dad off to a va appt. And I will pick him up when he calls. My lo is still sleeping he was being a monster last night. Dh had to call back home. One of the sils came. And she and my mil and other 2 sils are trying to push my husband to pay for a huge wedding party and furnish his sister in law home with new furniture. A gift from the brides family ( actually a dowry so to speak its a hindu custom) the sad thing is we aren't hindu and neither are they. Its really a sad situation for dh. He is tired of his family and basically said he is done. And he isn't budging I'm proud of him. Because all of my friends their husbands never say no and they have huge maritial problems because of it. Think breakfast is going to be raisin bran. Ok girls have a fabulous day!
Love is compromise. Its accepting that both of you are diffrent. And learning to love the uniqueness of each other. Its learning to love those things which drive you nuts, and accepting them and not trying to change someone to how you want them to be.
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