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Re: friday daffodil chat!

I'm so excited! There is a little scrapbooking/craft store here that is going out of business and I went there this morning - and OH! I went crazy. She had jars of paint that normally run like $10 a piece for 75 cents, as many stamps as you can fit in a bag for $5, stickers, markers, stamp pads, etc for 10 cents each. I had DD with me so I had to keep eyes in the back of my head to make sure she wasn't making a mess, but I think I may have to take another trip back once DH is home I realized yesterday too that I have, like, NO winter clothes - maternity or otherwise. And now that it's colder out, I might need to get a few things. So once I get my "bonus" money from helping my mom I guess I'm going to have to go shopping!

Sandi - I wish my 3-hr was done in a cush place like that! I hope you pass and all is well

Fan - Sorry about your family situation, it's always hard to be stuck in the middle of something like that but good for your DH for standing up for himself!

Abbi - I still love Zoe, I think it's so cute and it goes so well with your other DD's name. Owen (the name we picked out) is in the top 60 also but I like it and it's the only name DH and I agree on so we're sticking with it!

Dalayna - for 9 weeks left!! Me too!
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