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Re: friday daffodil chat!

I can't believe how it has flown by. I have a icky headache. The one thing I know from my friends married to men from over there. Is usually the momma rules the roost so to say. Because culture plays a huge role. And no one cares if they are going against religion or even moral or ethical boundaries. Its pretty sad. I feel bad for dh. But a close friend of mine her and her husband are on the brink of divorce because of his family. And I will be darned if I let it happen to us. I'm glad my dh grew some manhood. And told them basically to f l u ck off so to say. And no way in the world am I buying furniture for someone else. The way I see it if his family wants to play the route of we have to do it. Well they have to do things for me.( Not dh) but in their so called cultural commands my mil owes me a set of 22k gold bangles minimum 5. A neckalace earrings and a ring. Grand total would be a few thousand usd minimal. So if they play the guilt trip with dh. I'm going to say I want what is mine. And watch them freak out. It would be funny actually to see the rubbish they make come back to them hehehhe can we say I'm getting little horns sprouting out!anyhow girls hope you all have a marvelous day and enjoy the weekend.
Love is compromise. Its accepting that both of you are diffrent. And learning to love the uniqueness of each other. Its learning to love those things which drive you nuts, and accepting them and not trying to change someone to how you want them to be.
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