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Re: *LOOKIE* A FS0T Checklist & Helpful Hints *LOOKIE*

Originally Posted by MadeInChina View Post

Also, smoking is a huge one for me. I always say that we're a smoke-free home. And I always ask (if it's not posted) if the item is coming from a smoke-free home. I mean stinkies is one thing, but if I got an item in the mail that wreaked of cig smoke, I'd toss it right then and there or ship it back and demand my money back. Always always always inform buyers if you are a smoking home.

Also, I think that the EUC and GUC abbreviations should be completely done away with. I think I've started a thread on that topic. There's just no standard (as of yet) to what EUC truly means.

Thanks for all your hard work on this mama!!!
I've heard many stories of items smelling like smoke from the mail carrier, so that's something to consider.

I agree about EUC/GUC. I'd rather see a sentence or two describing how much the diaper has been worn.

I don't know if this has been suggested, or if the thread is still being updated, but the seller needs to be specific about the time frame that the potential buyer has to respond. I always say that the buyer has 24 hours after me sending my PP info to pay, or I move on. I also state that the item is fair game until I send my PP address to somebody. This keeps me from wasting my time waiting on people who aren't committed to buying the diaper.
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