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Re: weekend daffodil chat

Nope sandi for the maternity clothes they sell 3 outfits here for like 75. The way I see it if it has been used. And I was comfy paying what I did for it new. Then if I can make a quarter of what I paid its great. I usually just give ds stuff away. But with ds4 I saved some of ds3 fav outfits I had of his. And used them for ds4 and ds4 I saved his stuff. I think dh wants one more after this. But we don't know yet. So I'm thinking to save ds stuff and dd stuff just in case. If there is a finality saying no its dangerous to have another ie my uterus or whatever or complication etc. Then I would get rid of it. Otherwise we shall see. Bry wow the big v my older kids dad had it done and my 15 year old was making fun of him sayin ouch! At least he will get all the little swimmers worked out by the time you pop. We are going to florida tommorow. We are taking the grandpa with us hopefully he behaves himself sit him on the beach to look at girls we should be okay! But I miss the ocean we are going to the gulf my fav part. And I can't wait to see ds4 in action digging for shells. We will be back late monday so 2 days 1 night oh well can't complain. I tried that maya wrap it isn't the ring sling one but the other one you can adjust it with zippers and or buttons. I puit ds4 in it I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!
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