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Re: Pictures of where you pump at work...

We have two rooms labeled "Quiet Room". Both have locking doors and are carpeted, also have outlets. One has a small table and two chairs. The other has a couch-type bench. Only two rooms for 1300+ employees isn't much, but better than the bathroom. I did have to pump in the separate Handicapped bathroom once, though, b/c both Quiet Rooms were in use during my break and my pump is super slow if I use the batteries instead of plugging it in. It wasn't too bad, though, b/c I could stand up and do it in front of the mirror instead of sitting on the toilet.

I'll post pics next week... I have a three-day weekend.

My biggest beef is that it takes me about 25 mins (including walking to the room, setting up, putting stuff away, and getting back to my desk), so I have to make my lunch break shorter to lengthen my two 15-min breaks so I have enough time to pump 3x a day. They are VERY strict about signing in/out on-the-dot at my work.

I got a lot of flack when I was pregnant and had to sign out to pee or throw up a million times a day because my stats were off. Ridiculous.
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