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Please Pray for DS

We just got back from the hospital. My pediatrician and I convinced them to release us and let us come home as long as we go see him on Monday and every two days after that until he is comfortable giving him the all clear. So we are supposed to keep an eye on him and make sure he is hydrated and if he starts to act like he feels sick or if he starts to have heavy bleeding we have to take him back right away.

Basically what happened is that yesterday he started to get diarrhea and then around 3 I noticed there was blood in it. When I called his Dr. they told me to take him to the ER and once we got there they took blood and a bunch of samples or poop and they tried to get urine and it was horrible to watch them cath him 3 times to try to get it. They ended up getting nothing anyway.

His blood work came back saying that his white blood cell count was 25,000 which is really high even for thinking he had a virus. So the did cultures and found mass amounts of white blood cells and bacteria in his stool sample. They took x-rays to make sure that there wasn't any internal bleeding or intestinal abnormalities and have decided that it is a bacterial infection in his GI tract and that the blood in his stool is from an active bleed in his intestines from the infection.

They had to keep us over night for observation and wanted to keep us for the next 3 days until they get the results from the bacteria cultures back because they can't give him any antibiotics until then. With this kind of infection if they give him antibiotics to treat the infection with out know exactly what type of bacteria it is and they give him a kind of "cover all" antibiotic then it could cause the bacteria to grow, making him go into some kind of toxic shock and make his kidneys shut down.

So for the next 3 days we are just on a wait and see kinda thing. He has not been acting sick at all and seems perfectly happy so I know he isn't in any pain or anything. I'm just really worried for him. He is acting extra tired and clingy but I think that is just from him being up all night. We aren't exactly out of the woods yet so please pray that my little guy gets better soon and that they don't find any other unexpected things when they get the rest of his blood work and the cultures back. Thank you so much!
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