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Re: weekend daffodil chat

Tryin I miscarried and my close friend was due 2 days after me. She had her baby in august. Also one of my mc was due in dec and I am set to have this baby. Its really amazing. Its hard to forget though.although mine was first trimester mc it still hurts. I hope that you are ok tommorow and know that you will see him again one day big hug for you! I can totally agree about not wanting to say anything. We waited till I was further along because in my husband country mc is a stigma and they blame the woman. I could just hear my mil now. I'm really sick of them. My sil sent a rude email basically telling my husband he is going to pay for that and he doesn't have a choice. I'm sticking to my guns. If he does anything he will be seeing the kids after work and on sundays and going to his cousns house. Because I'm not having them being choosen over us. I'm really upset about it. And in the very end of my pregnancy too.
Love is compromise. Its accepting that both of you are diffrent. And learning to love the uniqueness of each other. Its learning to love those things which drive you nuts, and accepting them and not trying to change someone to how you want them to be.
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