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Re: weekend daffodil chat

Abbi: I got a virus yesterday from diaperswappers too! I was on the chat thread and my computer anitvirus software kicked it into high gear. It cleared the threat so no worried but now I'm nervous about this site!

Sharon: I also would love to know more about raising chickens. We have almost 4 acres and have the materials to build a pretty large chicken area. We're even going to dig 2 feet down and splay some wire fence underground to prevent predators from coming in. All said and done, our chicken area would be about 30 feet by 100 feet. We just need to decide on what kind of coop to build. I'd like between 4-6 chickens. We can't have roosters where we live, not allowed. Our project won't get going until Spring though, so we've got time to plan.

Tryin: I completely understand! I'm sorry, I had forgotten about that. I forget about everything lately. I bet he'll be absolutely thrilled!

Fan: Sorry that your family is still giving you grief. Some people can be so selfish!

My DH is going to build me a closet organizer for the nursery. It'll have a ton of cubbies in it to store diapers, clothes, shoes, etc...

Funny moment: We had some important papers that we needed and we tore the house apart looking for them. I knew that I had brought them in the house just couldn't remember anything after that. Turns out, they were safe and sound... in the REFRIGERATOR!!!!! Now DH looks there first if I've misplaced something. Gotta love preggo brain.
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