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Re: OCD kids

~She needs her needs taken care of NOW or she will get herself in "trouble" by doing something she knows she isn't supposed to (like playing with the toilet plunger).
well, i don't know about the rest - but that sounds like classic toddler to me. i don't know how old your kiddo is but mine's 19 months and just starting to do that sort of thing. partly testing limits but also it's the negative attention thing. dd for awhile if you didn't pick her up/do what she wanted right then would go off & bang her head on something (the wall, the fridge door, etc.) so that she would get picked up. the usual advice - try to not reinforce negative behavior by responding to it, encourage the good behavior. i think learning to delay gratification/waiting a little bit for something is really hard for toddlers. i don't really know when it's reasonable to expect it honestly.

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