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Please pray for my family

Do you ever feel like God has tested you to your breaking point?

Here is why I ask.......

So today is my birthday. I wasn't expecting anything great, just a normal day, no major upsets and perhaps a little extra love from the family. I don't ask for much.

I start off the day with a Dr appt with my Grandmother. We find our her cancer is back and there is nothing they feel can be done at this point . She refuses to have radiation again and she cannot take the chemo she got last time b/c she wasn't in remission long enough. She is 87 and her age puts limitations on what meds they will give her. She has Mantle Cell Lymphoma which is a fairly rare and male orientated type. She found this lump early and I am hoping that they were able to remove it all.

After being thrown for that loop, I returned home to pick up my son and go eat with her. DH works nights but had or should I say was supposed to stay up and watch him while I was gone. I come home to an open back door, poop in the hallway and DH asleep on the couch. I am thankful that ds was also sitting on the couch and had decided not to venture across the VERY busy road we live on!

After lunch I come home and do the dishes and sit down to wrap my head around what had happened in the morning and I get a phone call from my dd#1's school telling me that I need to come and pick her up she has hurt her foot. I load up ds and go to get her and spend the afternoon in the Ortho's office and she comes out with a boot. She has to wear it for three weeks. This is a child who inherited my OCD and cannot stand for things not to match. She is having a mini meltdown over the fact that she has to wear this big ugly boot on one foot and a reg shoe on another. Can I catch a break please??!!

I am so ready to go to bed and be done with this day! I just pray that tomorrow is better. Thanks for listening to my rant
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