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Re: # of diapers you have compared to # you use.

I have 40 UBIPF but we’re only using 24 of them because the other 16 are set aside to be dyed and embellished.
We have 9 fitteds and 1 AIO with 8 more fitteds and a AI2 on the way.
So by the end of next week I’ll have

59 diapers and unless I get on it 16 will not be in rotation.

I’m still working on building my fitteds so I’ll be getting more of those and I want a few more AI1/AI2/pockets for the babysitters and diaper bag. Summer is on its way which means we’ll be camping and visiting family. I’ll need a stash that’ll last 3-5 days without washing, DS uses 12-20 a day. My kids get 3 weeks for spring break and we’ll be visiting family then. While they’re all fine with me washing diaps I don’t want to spend all my time doing it or get stuck at one persons house because I’m still washing diaps or I’m afraid they’ll help me with them.
I also want to be able to hang dry them all summer with out fear of running out.

What’s funny is that I used to make 8-15 pockets work by washing at least once a day sometimes 2xs! Now I don’t know how I did that!!
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