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Trouble emptying with pump

I am so frustrated!! My DD (10 weeks old) has a high palate, which makes nursing really hard for her. She wasn't gaining fast tnough, so the LC and DR had me pump out the hind milk after each nursing to feed her. This was working really well until this past Monday - suddenly I feel like the pump isn't emptying me anymore and my supply is decreasing. I can't understand what happened and have had to add some formula to her bottles recently. I'm taking Mothers Milk Plus already and started eating oatmeal - I drink plenty of water. Any tips on getting the last bits out? I have a Medela Pump in Style (not the advanced, the original). I had been using a rented Symphony, but couldn't afford to keep renting. I switched about two weeks ago but just noticed the problem about five days ago. Nursing has been SO frustrating!! Help!!
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