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Re: Good for you meal a family will eat!!!

We have the same issue, but sort of in reverse. My DH has to maintain a certain weight that is hard with his body type and muscle mass. so about every 2 months he "diets." Basically, he makes a bunch of chicken and through out the week we use the chicken for different meals, such as

monday, we will have fajitas, but really, it's grilled chicken, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, (whatever veggies we have) and salsa on corn tortillas - stay away from sour cream and guac- a couple slices of avacodo are okay because it's a "good fat".

tuesday we will have diced grilled chicken with rice and broccoli (stirfry style) with some soy sauce. we even use chopsticks which makes it fun for the kiddos.

Wed. DH will have chick salad and make "kiddo sides" like mac-n-chees and greenbeans or something.

Thursday we have chicken sandwiches - DH forgoes the bread and has his on lettuce and makes home fries for the kiddos.

It generally works out pretty well, and teh different sauces kind of hide the fact that you are having chicken every day. WE, me and DH, dont' really use a lot of sauces, more spices to add flavor without the fat. Good luck and have fun!!
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