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pumping a freezer stash questions...

I started pumping today to get a freezer stash for my dd 'just in case' and because I may be returning to work in a few months for 2 days a week. She is just shy of 12 weeks old and I am wondering how many ounces should i freeze in each bag? what do you consider a 'good' freezer stash? I know when you are receiving donor milk they say to look for a mama pumping milk for a babe approx. your los age because the milk content will be closer to what they need nutritionally does this same theory apply to freezer stashes? in other words, if i pump a stash now and we end up needing to use it when dd is 6 months old will the milk content be adequet for her since my body made it when she was just 3 months? am i WAY overthinking this--i'm tired and need to sleep.....

also after i have built my stash i would like to continue to pump to donate to milkshare--how long will it take my body to adjust to the added demand of 1 pumping session daily? how long will it take my body to adjust when I decide i'm done donating?

TIA mamas
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