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Re: # of diapers you have compared to # you use.

the other day i figured i'll soon have about 100 diapers and am not currently using any of them. it's not nearly as bad as it sounds though. once everything i've ordered or plan to make is ready i'll have about 36 nb dipes (and i expect i'll be using all of them if this one goes as frequently as my last two), 30 smalls (which will probably all get used), 20 mediums (leftover from dd2 who used them all regularly until she potty trained), and an additional dozen or so assorted prefolds (which don't get used much as diapers but have been used frequently as for spitup, putting under bums on the changing table, etc.). as the baby-to-be outgrows things i'll be selling and/or giving them away, and i'm sure i'll be down to a reasonable number again someday. my last baby outgrew newborns and smalls so quickly last time that i felt i needed to have enough diapers in nb, sm, and medium before baby came this time around, hence the millions of diapers even though no one wears them right now.
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