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Re: STICKY PLEASE! WAHMs who offer LayAway

Baltic Creations:

YES I will do layaway plans on my website

NO fees to start the lay away, but 20% non refundable deposit down is required! layaways will be a max of 6 weeks with the remaining 80% divided up between the 6 weeks. that amount is the minimum to be paid each week. you can pay more to get the layaway out sooner!

there is no minimum or maximum purchase price to do a layaway but it must be paid out and shipped at least 1 week prior to christmas to insure on time Christmas delivery!

please note* The layaway plans do not qualify for sales those are for immediate payments! thanks for the understanding.


I think the layaway plan is a great idea! my beanies I make are at a great price now, I made them low due to the economy and I want people to be able to buy something for their children or as a gift at reasonable prices. I am very willing to do a layaway plan if someone is interested in ordering from me but needs to pay a little at a time expecially if it is a large order
I also give discounts on large orders

River City Boutique (Chunky Bunz Diapers)

layaway from instocks would be 15% of price- plus payments at least 1 x a week. depending on the price of instock would need to be paid out in one month

also- customs layaway- 15% upfront- and that will hold the custom spot and fabrics picked. then- once half is paid.. i need finals on print choices ect.

each payment for layway must be paid- with your layaway number- through the HC slot i would put on my site just for you. no last names of course. each person would have a layaway number and first name with last initial.

customs can take up to 30 days to pay half.

momma4of6 NOW Absolute Delights:

i offer layaway. HC shop here


I will offer ongoings layaways.

To start a layaway, please pm me with the items you are interested in and I will lyk the total. I will require a 15% nonrefundable deposit before I start making your items. I will be very flexible as far as how often you can pay, etc. If for some reason you need to cancel the order, there will be a 15% restocking fee (which would be covered by the initial 15% deposit).


I will be offering a lay away plan.

KK Deisgns

10% down - If you cancel after 7 days I keep the 10%

Every week at least 10% of your purchase is due.

You can finish payment at any time, or cancel for a refund minus your 10% down.

Gift wrap will also be available for $2 per package.

I am sorry but customs with names on them or other very specific information must be paid in full but can be shipped with your lay away to save on shipping.


I offer layaway in both of my sites


This is what i have come up with for mine...any comments or suggestions?

I am happy to announce that as of 11.1.9 I will be offering lay-a-way on my instock items =) 10% is required down and weekly or bi-weekly payment to follow.


* 10% non-refundable payment is required at the time of purchase.
* Only available to in-stock items at the moment, sorry.
* When checking out in my store use the code "LAW10%" This will take off the 90% from your total
* Payment can be made weekly or bi weekly. Weekly payment are at least 10% and Bi-weekly payment are at least 20% (those are the minimum due. You are welcome to pay more if you like.)
* If you would like your order by Christmas, full payment must be received by 12.15.9 so that I can ship them to get to you in time.
* year round lay a way


Not Your Mama's Cloth Diapers offers an Easy Lay Away Plan.

To help make the burden a little easier so that more people can afford to put their little ones in cloth, we have designed our Easy Layaway Plan. Here are the basics of how it works:

Once you have put the items that you wish to purchase through the Layaway Plan in your cart, you will proceed to checkout. You only need to make a minimum purchase of $25 to qualify for the layaway.

In the space marked "Coupon/Promotional Code", enter the word "LAYAWAY". Your total will be reduced to 30% of the purchase price. This amount is the amount you must pay as a down payment. You will receive an invoice for another 30%, thirty days after the initial purchase. You will receive a second invoice for the remainder thirty days after that. Your Layaway payments are due within 5 days of the invoice date. Once the final payment is received, I will ship your items to you. You may make payments on your items at anytime without receipt of an invoice. Please note that if the price of the item that you are purchasing increases before your item is paid for, you will only be responsible for the price originally agreed upon.

If the total amount due is not paid in full within 90 days or you do not make timely payments, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee and will receive a store credit for the remaining amount that was paid to Not Your Mama's Cloth Diapers.


YES!! Just pm me payments are flexible

mich1218 (snooty baby diapers):

My layaway info is here:

It's available anytime, not just for the holidays!

bellamama (bubble butt daipers)

Layaway plans are always welcome
PM or Email me for details. My email is


YES we will do layaway too!

$10 fee for starting the lay away, plus 15% non refundable deposit down is required!

Layaways may be for any length of time up to five months with the remaining payments divided up weekly depending on the length of time you decide.

If you need to skip a week that would be no problem.
You can pay more to get the layaway out earlier.

There is no minimum or maximum purchase price to do a layaway.

upcycle mama

I do layaway on longies or large orders. I do a $10 non-refundable materials deposit on customs and payments can be worked out between the buyer and myself based on the need.


I just started doing layaway!
You have the choice of 1, 2, or 3 moths to pay. There is a 20% restocking fee for canceling and the order doesn't ship until the last payment is made.
You will receive a reminder notice for payment when it is due and have the next 7 days to pay.
This is a great thread!
You can also go to my site for more info
I am always adding new products and the holiday season is no exception.

winter (Diaper Environment)

I offer LayAway on my site!


Merrimack Valley Diapers ( is now offering layaway!

Use code LAYAWAY at checkout to make the initial 25% deposit, and we will get in touch with you within 72 hours to set up a payment plan.

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards (serviced through the PP site, but a PP account is not necessary), money orders, personal checks, and cash!

(Click HERE for Layaway policies)


Yes! I do LawAway and Registries!

There is a 20% non refundable deposit required.

Layaways may be for up to 6 months with the remaining payments divided up weekly or monthly depending on the length of time you decide.

You can pay more/faster to get the layaway shipped out earlier.

There is no minimum or maximum purchase price to do a layaway with me


I also am happy to work out a lay-away/payment plan with my customers I'll require a %15 non-refundable deposit based on your order amount and will work out payment details with you.


Crow Mountain Crafts
I would be happy to do layaway for anyone. I would require a 20% non-refundable deposit and we can work out payment plans.


I offer layaway/payment plans as well.

15% non-refundable deposit, payments up to 6 months, may be weekly or monthly. If it is a custom order, I will only complete the items as they are paid for.

We'll work out payment details individually.

You can contact me through my cart (link in signature) or pm me here.


I offer layaway, pm for details


I do layaway for Mary Kay

10% of the cost of the order is due as a deposit upon placing order.

Layaways may be for up to 8 weeks with the remaining payments divided up weekly or monthly depending on the length of time you decide.

You can pay more per payment to get the layaway shipped out earlier.

There is no minimum or maximum purchase price to do a layaway.


Cloth Diaper Babyz (DS WAHM page)

Take advantage of the Sales by using our Layaway
10% down/$10 wk payment
Minimum purchase 10 diapers

Visit my store today for the best FuzzBunz prices, sale or no sale.
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