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Re: STICKY PLEASE! WAHMs who offer LayAway

Originally Posted by happylittlefamily View Post
I'm not sure about layaway. I think it would be hard to make orders for mamas and then if they cancel, you are kinda stuck with an item that may or may not sell? And if you don't charge a fee upfront, if they cancel, how can you collect the 15%? Hmmm, I'll be interested to see what other mamas are gonna do...
As for getting the 15% back for cancellations, I as a customer would have no objections to putting down 10 or 15% of my total up front. You have to do that in any b&m store that offers layaway. With custom orders on layaway you just have to trust that the mama is honest. I am not sure about that one. Maybe layaway should be in stock items only.

As far as the amber jewelry is concerned I know it is basically all custom but there is a market for them so I don't feel it would be an issue there!
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