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Re: Who here lets their school age child have a little freedom?

We let our 10yo child walk to the store, library, school area, snack bar, and roam the neighborhoods alone.

BUT........we seriously live in the middle of nowhere. The only real crimes here are driving too fast (which is why the cows now get their own highway) and petty theft.

We have enough safety precautions in letting him have his freedom that we're comfortable with this set up. If he's going on an errand he has ___ minutes to get there and back. I know all the clerks he sees and what he does while he's there - we've already talked about this with them. If he's going for fun trips then he needs to take a buddy his age or older. I know where he is and who he's with at all times. He is NEVER "out of sight" - living in such a very small community everyone knows everyone, and EVERYONE knows my child. He's rather talkative. While he may be out of my line of sight, he's constantly running into people we know.

So yeah, he has the freedom we had as kids because we had the opportunity to give it to him. I'm not sure what it will be like when we move so I'm glad he's had this year and a half to develop in a very safe environment.
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