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Re: Who here lets their school age child have a little freedom?

Thanks for the responses. I am not interesed in debate, just wondering if there were other moms like me.

The store my dd goes to is in a small shopping center that is adjacent to our neighborhood- she goes about 6 houses down, through a gate and into the little center and the store is a Dollar General that is a few stores down. She takes my phone with our home# the last # so she can hit SEND twice and get us. She is a very very mature and responsible child. The people in our neighborhood and one of the stores she passes know her/us.

Yes, I have read that non-relative abductions have decreased slightly since the 70's. It is terribly scary yet very rare for a child to be snatched by a total stranger.

I honestly do not want to spend this thread defending myself and those mamas who choose not to let their school age children out of their site are, of course, entitled to do that.

Just thinking there has got to be a few other moms who care dearly for their children but see the benefits of a little freedom and let their kids out a bit.
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