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Re: Update and a poll

I loved knowing them so well when nobody else had a clue. My first found a really comfy place in my hips and we'd play all day while I was at work. Well, I was playing - sometimes I think he was getting mad He'd get down in my hip and pinch this nerve and it'd make my belly pins&needles and then go I'd push him up and move him out of that spot and he'd kick me and get back down in there. LOL. My second wouldn't ever let anyone else touch him (in utero)...I could have my hands on my belly all day and he'd move around...but as soon as someone else touched my matter who..he'd stop. And dh could keep his hand on my belly for hours, but Drake wouldn't ever touch him They develop such personalities in utero and only MOMMY is privvy to it.

I 2nd the wearing what you want and excuses out of meetings or work or whatever for bathroom breaks

I don't love the stretchmarks, but I loved the belly! I could watch elbows and feet moving across my belly all day...and just hold my belly knowing my sweet little baby was allll mine.

And the TREMENDOUS love you feel for the little bean growing in there. Before pregnancy & birth...I could never have imagined the's just - overwhelming! Just thinking about it is getting my eyes wet
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