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Re: STICKY PLEASE! WAHMs who offer LayAway

Originally Posted by Baltic Creations View Post
well with the customs im thinking they pay as they can and once the almost final payment is made then is when i would do the actual custom not before hand make sense? my turn around is only 24 hours or less so it wouldnt be hard for me i can see some mamas having it harder but if they have collected money on the custom already it shouldnt be a problem if there was a cancellation
i to think this would be good- because i wont start a custom until its at least half paid. just because i dont always have all the extra time. i would wait till then-

ok so this is what im think-

layaway from instocks would be 15% of price- plus payments at least 1 x a month. depending on the price of instock i would need to be paid within 30 days i am thinking.

also- customs layaway- 15% upfront- and that will hold the custom spot and fabrics picked. then- once half is paid.. i need finals on print choices ect.

each payment for layway must be paid- with your layaway number- through the HC slot i would put on my site just for you. no last names of course. each person would have a layaway number and first name with last initial.
customs can take up to 30 days to pay half.


i am still thinking about this as i have never done this before.

i also think a restock fee if they cancel plus they loose there deposit?? is that how it works?
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