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Re: S/O- more questions for mamas with lots of kiddos.

Originally Posted by Leahjennings View Post
How big are your houses?
How many bedrooms & bathrooms?
Do DC share bedrooms?
What kind of vehicles do you have to seat everyone?
How much do you spend on groceries a month? For how many?

I know some of these questions may be personal- don't answer what you don't feel comfortable with.

I'm trying to decide how many children we can reasonably handle and provide for.
Our rented house is approx 2,000 square feet.
4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and three living areas (However....we also host a single mom with her three children....on top of my four kiddos, husband and myself and fifth baby on the way and we actually do good in this amount of space...She has her own bathroom and her own very large bedroom that she shares with her two daughters. My husband and I share our room, my two girls share their room, my oldest son and her son share his room and our loft area has the toddler bed and a futon)

We have a small two seater truck and a 15 passenger van LOL No seating arrangment probelms there. We purchased it while we had two foster children with us, making travel anywhere impossible without the big vehicle. We now only use it on weekends, or when I want to go anywhere during the week, but usually I stay home through the week during the days because I am really busy here. We do outings as family on weekends.

Groceries? This is one of big expenses because of how we eat. Lots of healthy stuff, but I'd say around 6-7 hundred per month. But this has been higher due to our houseguests we have been purchasing more and not charging her near enough, which we plan to rectify soon!

Hope that helps!
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