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let me startoff by saying that Rachele is a great friend...
After we attended a memorial service for a ton of babies who have died. we received rosesas a gift from a mom whos son had died 10 years prior. On the way home, we are talking on our cell phones, ( separate cars) and we thought it would be nice to leave the roses on Brocks grave.
So there we were, after midnight, breaking into a cemetary, to leave 2 roses. It may have not been bad. but brocks grave is kinda in the back of the cemetary. And let me tell you. brings back HS memories.... LOL

But we went thru, and left the flowers for brock, and then we left. My hubby then informeed me the next day I have lost it compleltey. BUT I cannot be the only mom who breaks into a cemetary in the middle of the night to visit the baby that has just died not 2 weeks ago. LOL

It was kinda But fun too. Not many friends will break into a cemetray with you. and I belive she actaully suggested it.. Even though I was thinking it...
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