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Nursing 2 during pregnancy vs. nursing 1

Anyone done both? Just curious about milk supply. I nursed DD1 through my last pregnancy and she kept nursing consistently the whole time (even though we nursed less for a while, but after birth she picked back up). This time I'm nursing both her (3.5y) and my 17 month old...will probably be nursing 3 come March! (but DD1 doesn't nurse frequently enough to make it FEEL like nursing 3)

Anyway, last pregnancy I never LOST my milk. It changed to colostrum early (16 weeks...I seem to get colostrum early) in like 1 day, so I didn't have nearly as much after that, but still had enough to satisfy DD. This time I'm 20 weeks and seem to still have quite a bit of milk. Again, not as much, but it's definitely not colostrum yet- I can still squirt it, even. So I'm obviously lasting a lot longer, even though I'm not really nursing any MORE than I was last time (DD1 only nurses maybe once a day, rarely twice).

Just wondering what others experiences have been as far as milk supply goes!
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