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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing past one year

To the op, I'm so glad you found a new DR! SHe's an idiot!

Originally Posted by bethiecow View Post
That's a huge load of bull. I wonder how many women she's told that to who took it to heart? It makes me sad.

Anyone else read this article? Very interesting.
Fat Content of Breast Milk Increases with Time

They say they aren't sure what the effects on a child's health are from such high energy and fat content. Ya know what? I firmly believe that our bodies are making exactly what our babies need, at every stage. There's a reason there's a higher fat and energy content past one year. It's because our babies need that, I'm guessing for brain development and increased activity. You should feel good and be proud that you are still giving your son EXACTLY what he needs!
This is a bit of a highjack, but I've always wondered how that works when someone's nursing a newborn and a 2yo? Who's needs win out??? I'm guessing the the milk is geared toward the newborn?
Just curious!
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