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Re: Snacker??

Well, if you're concerned about hindmilk, try nursing on the same side two (or more) feedings in a row. Or maybe try pumping a bit before he feeds so that he's getting more hindmilk sooner. You can also try doing breast compressions to keep the milk flowing if you think he's getting bored when the flow slows down.

I think some babies are just going to be snackers. DJ was always that way. He wasn't able to latch in the beginning so I had to exclusively pump and bottlefeed till around 7 weeks...I was already back at work by then so he still got a bottle of breastmilk about 50% of the time. Bottle or breast didn't seem to matter, he wanted a little bit frequently (even at a year old, he *never* took more than 3 oz. at a time!) He's still like that come to think of it! He's almost 2 and while he does eat well at meals, he still likes frequent snacks or "sips" in between.
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