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Re: What We Wish You Knew About Infertility

Thank you for posting this. I am nearly in tears reading it, I am choking them back. We have been TTCing since 05/07, nearly 2.5 yrs now. I didnt have infertility until this time around, and while I have a better respect for my childrens life and I understand the true miracles they are now, I still hurt just as deep inside. Not to mention, the pregnancy that I was blessed with during this rocky road, I lost due to an ectopic pregancy. I watched my hopes, dreams and years of TTCing flush out of my body and down the toilet. The hardest moment of my life thus far. Im sorry that sound so harsh but that is how I feel.

I put the pain in the back of my life, back of mind. I try to make it go away. I hate bringing it up. My feelings started with confusion, and than progressed to hurt and than anger with hurt on the side. I dont "get" it. I used to be able to talk about it without bursting into tears but after 2.5 yrs, that just doesnt happen anymore. I cant talk or think about my infertility without deep hurt and crying. I hate it.

Anyways, I am so so sad that anyone else is going through this but I am so happy that someone else understands because no one in my life does. No one has been through this. And the hateful and depressed thoughts I have now are hard to handle. I dont want to think them or feel them.

Anyways, Thank you for posting this. *hugs*
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